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  1. @MikeS72 thanks for the link. I have not checked there yet! I believe I was OA In 2004/2005 just in time for that years NOAC then brotherhood in 2007.
  2. Hello all, This may be a dead end but I'm trying to find the rocker patches that went with the 2005 National Jamboree Patch. They were blue with a red boarder and yellow writing. When I attended I was able to get all of the rockers and had them on my shirt until i graduated high school in 2009. After graduation my mom ditched alot of my scouting stuff including my shirt with the patches. I'm trying to replace all of the patches I had and just need these five rockers. Can anyone help me with finding them. I've tried Ebay and various forums but no luck. The photo attached Is of the p
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