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  1. these are fantastic ideas and suggestions. Thank you!
  2. lol, yeah storming in to strong arm something will end badly. I think it's so sad when someone is forced into a role they no longer want to have and it trickles down onto the boys. If a scout is cheerful, then their leader ought to be cheerful too. Boys learn WAY more by observing the behavior of others than they do from memorizing words in their scout book.
  3. I totally agree that there has been a bunch of great advice, and I really appreciate your idea of using pictures. My son get very overwhelmed by the concept of speaking and defensing, but I now think that if he can story board the project using photos and art and catch phrases, it will help him navigate his anxiety. one thing I should have made more clear when I wrote what I wrote last night was that the eagle project coordinator did not make it clear that my son needed to have all the details completed cemented to begin the coaching or planning process. He came with an idea, and a beneficiary and their approval. My son is only 14. Yes, he's young. Too many people in scouting use age as a discriminating factor. Why is he doing this now? He should wait until he's more mature....etc. But I have seen the direct affects of what waiting to the last minute to do your eagle project looks like. Boys rushing to meet a drop dead deadline and their hearts aren't really in it. As his mother and a scout leader....I want for him and any boy who is ready to start this process to take it on when they are eager to do so. The younger a scout is and the more challenges they have (in my son's case ADHD and PTSD), the more cheerleading they need. Thank you for your wisdom and encouragement.
  4. I appreciate all the feedback. I’m very convinced my son can make the project work. I just think it’s kind of sad that something new and unique is met with negativity. Maybe I should join the Eagle Project coordinator team to help give positive support to boys who come up with new ideas. theres no doubt in my mind that my son who has ADHD and PTSD did not communicate all the talking points very well. He sensed disapproval and negativity and got discouraged. i told him last night, buddy it’s sad when someone doesn’t believe in the value or ingenuity of your project... so in the face of adversity... PROVE THEM WRONG!!!!!!
  5. Hi, my son presented a rough beginning concept for his Eagle Project tonight to the Eagle Project Coordinator. It did not go well. Sadly, when I asked my kid how it went he said to me... he thinks my project is trash. Not the mans words... but how he came across. Can you all please let me know what you think about this project idea? I thought it was pretty creative and hit the marks. My son has thousands of dollars worth of LEGO sets... at least 50 sets that he wanted to restore and donate to a special school for children with emotional disturbances in our community. My son actually used to attend the school when he was severely depressed. the way I see it... it’s conservation minded because he is restoring and repurposing plastic ... keeping it out of a landfill. He intends to give the restored sets to the classroom teachers and therapists who use the legos to give the kids a creative and play based outlet for handling their stress. Its a big project. He has all of the instructions, but has to pair the sets with the instructions, take them apart and log the bricks to find out what pieces are missing... sort through 2 giant bins of miscellaneous bricks and then purchase the missing bricks to complete the sets. He would also need to purchase storage containers. There will be a lot of leadership in getting boys to help him carry this out. Eagle project coordinator thinks this is routine labor. I don’t think there is anything routine about this. My kid wants to make a video to raise awareness about the school and to educate the boys from his troop about how LEGOs can help kids who have been through trauma or who have special needs. The project coordinator said, maybe if you build a cabinet it could get approved by council. No where in the Eagle Project guidelines does it say you need to build a cabinet. Where is the encouragement and support for having an original idea? I’m very annoyed to say the least ... it’s like oh sure, let’s build a fence on the town trail like every other boy and plant a few flowers. Thoughts? Advice? Thank you.
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