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  1. Wow! Seven responses - that's quick. Sorry for not responding personally to each one individually, but I will start off by saying "Thanks!" So, WFA is recommended, but not required, for any Troop activity except for BSA HA locations (then you need one or two in your unit to participate at that location). I understand that more training is better, however, it's not going to hinder our activities (except BSA HA) on a normal basis to meet BSA requirements for trained adults, etc... Again, thank you all for the quick responses. Much appreciated.
  2. Hi. What are the actual BSA rules regarding WFA training? Is it mandatory or optional? Is there anything your Troop is restricted from doing if you do not have leaders trained in WFA? (within obvious reason following basic safety and common sense - and having regular 'Trained' leaders) Not trying to skirt any rules here, just want to know what the actual BSA rules / requirements are. Thanks.
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