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  1. After this camp out he will be ready for his 1st class SMC and BOR.  He will then be looking to get an aproved POR.  He has 17 nights of camping and has 8 MB (4 eagle required).  My original question work itself out last night.  We have an active troop and he's excited about helping the rest of his patrol enjoy as they advance.  I see where some say advancement shouldn't be the main goal and they're right.  He love looking at the requirements and figuring which ones can be done one his trips. 

  2. He did his BOR and received he 2n class.  He had a conversation with the SPL and he is now set to be the GM. Thanks for the advise, he was able to handle it all on his own.  I am an adult leader and got to do my first BOR, 4 to be exact.  We had 5 scouts up for BOR, 2 tenderfoot, a 1st class, star, and my son 2nd class.

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  3. My son joined, went to his first meeting,and his first camp out all in one week last October.  That was it, he's hooked.  He talked my ear off about it and anyone else that would listen.  After speaking to my dad who is an Eagle, like every man in our family except me, he decided he wanted to make Eagle at the age his Pa Pa did.  I sat down with him and we set up an outline on how to get this done.  Anyway he learns new things every day and goes to all activities that are offered.  Tonight he has his BOR for 2nd class.  I'm so proud of him.  This is a problem he ran into, when he started he was the only young scout in his troop and in March a group crossed over that he was put in a patrol with.  The PA came with them and in my opinion is still treating them like a den.  He has a full 5 month jump on the rest of his patrol and it seems like the PA wants him to slow for the rest to catch up.  All he's lacking for 1st class is the cooking requirements.  They have a trip planed for this month that is for MB clean up and avancement.  He has asked to be the GM so he can complete 1st class but it sounds like they are concetrating on tenderfoot stuff.  I always let him take care of his communicating with his patrol and PA.  Should I speak to the PA or just let him figure it out on his own.  I don't think the PA understands how much further he is than the rest of his patrol.

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