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  1. Just to be clear. I spoke to a woman, she was at least 40 years old, she told me she was in charge and that her son was the camp health officer, he was at least 20 years old an adult non the less, if I was dealing with teenagers I would not have expected them to handle a request of this magnitude. Also, they could have said no and I would have understood, at that point I could have made a choice. There is so much more to this, I am not here to air my issues, just wanted to get an opinion, and I did. I thank all of you for your input, good and bad. Have a great summer!
  2. Thank you to all, These are not volunteer's, these are the paid staff members for summer camp. I spoke with the person in charge on the very first day, she assured me that my request was totally ok and that if she showed up they would call me, again the counselor stated, I have you on speed dial, she also stated that her son was the Health Officer and together they would make sure that my sons mother would not impact my sons time at camp. I had up to this point never pushed the court order, because I did not think I had to, I simply wanted my son to go to camp, hang out with his
  3. I took my son to camp Norse July 2nd of this year, I signed him up for the week. I informed the camp counselor that I am the custodial parent of my son and that his mother may show up and want to hang around, I informed the camp counselor that I do not want her at the camp. I was assured by the camp counselor that she would inform all the other counselors of my request and that my sons mother would not be aloud to stay while my son was at camp. I arrived Friday July 6th to find my sons mother watching a movie with all the counselors, when I spoke to the counselor in charge she stated she was
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