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  1. Matt, Thanks. My plan is to volunteer at the Council level. Eagle90, The cost for the itinerary was $1,850 per scout plus airfare. All of the parents signed up for southwest credit cards and we basically traveled to Seattle and back with just points. The airfare from Seattle to Anchorage was approximately $300 per person.
  2. My Troop just returned from our Alaska trip yesterday and I would like to provide you a review of this program; The thought of this trip started 2 1/2 years ago. I soon will retire from the Scoutmaster position and wanted to help provide the scouts with a memory of a lifetime. I had been to Alaska twice in the past with my family and friends and had a pretty good idea of what the scouts would like to experience. I gave them some options and came up with an itinerary. We offered many fund raising opportunities and many of the scouts funded their own way. We choose an eight day van tour. I encouraged the scouts to experience Alaska in a way that I have in the past. I wanted them to experience as much of Alaska as possible in the eight days that we were there. Our outings included a trip to Denali National Park, ice climbing in Matanuska Valley area, ATV riding/ homesteading/gold panning in Talkneetna, white water rafting on the Kenai Peninsula, Deep Sea fishing in Seward, Sea Life Center in Seward, Wildlife Conservation Center visit, and day hikes near their base camp and on the Kenai Peninsula. We also managed to shop for souvenirs and eat along the way. This trip was simply amazing. The scouts, adults and I cannot say enough good things about this unique experience. The Great Alaska Council, Bryce, Mark, and Sam, you guys did a wonderful job. The dads with the younger scouts are already taking about returning in a couple of years. These scouts as well as their fathers have memories that will last forever. If your Troop is looking for a trip of a lifetime, consider Alaska. The Great Alaska Council has many options. Gary House Scoutmaster Troop 509 Hamburg, New York