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  1. My middle son told us last night that when he and his Philmont crew were camping at Chesterfield to prep for their trip, they shared the space with the LARP crew and it was fun. Clearly the LARPers respect the space, and I love that Chesterfield Camp will be part of the name. Our youngest just returned from a great week at Moses with his Scout troop. It gets better and better. Youngest and his dad volunteered time earlier in the summer to help with building a new disc golf course.
  2. This thread is a few years old, but I felt it was important to flag that Camp Moses was only closed for a short period of time, and has been up and running for years - with strong support from the Western MA community, including Scouters, businesses and Order of the Arrow members, they have built up many areas, including the waterfront, meeting sites, and now also have one of the tallest climbing walls in New England! My three sons have camped there for multiple years as part of their summer scout experience. Moses is a tremendous resource for scouts in the area, and provides great camping o
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