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  1. Thanks for all the good replies you guys. This is such a can of worms for everyone that being able to help sort it out is going to be quite the ordeal I'm finding. The EIN is a real sticking point for them. The Boy Scout application for being a new CO does not ask the CO for its own EIN, so nationally and at the local council level, there is no tracking of the actual EINs of COs that own and operate units (which I kind of blame for causing this mess, since it basically means Local Councils on the other side of the contract have no actual confirmation of whether the CO on the oth
  2. That is the question that has come up now. For 70 years, its just been something the PTO signed off on. But now with having to make the CO decision on boy/ girl/ or mixed troop, the people in the PTO are asking that exact question. The president of the PTO is wondering if her signature on this document is as her representing the legal entity of the school district (which she is not authorized to do) or if it is her as a person committing to this charter agreement. She says those would be the only two legal entities that could possibly exist. And since they aren't a legal entity why can't
  3. Thanks. It is a unique setup within our district as of a couple of years ago. While most PTOs in other districts are set up as their own 501(c)3 non-profits, schools in our district were given that option as well but there's a catch. A PTO can operate as a separate 501(c)3 and maintain your own checking account, but you can't use district facilities without paying a rental charge. The PTO in the schools are typically heavily reliant on district facilities for their events so they chose to join in with the district. They use the district's tax ID (EIN) when needed, avoid the facility renta
  4. Thanks Fred & Dave, The PTO is not trying to play coy with the troop, they literally don't have a non-profit ID that they can provide. While I'm sure many PTOs have their own separate checking accounts at a local bank, this PTO does not. It has an account with the school district's central office who controls and must approve all of its transactions. For its own activities, the PTO members must pay for activities out of pocket and then seek reimbursement from the school district's central account. That allows them to operate without a non-profit ID and to not be an actual legal e
  5. Our local troop and pack have been chartered by our school's PTO since the early 1960s. Until recently, the PTO has been pretty uninvolved as the CO and has had no involvement other than its president signing the annual charter recertification. The PTO, as it currently is configured, operates as a part of the school district and therefore does not exist as its own separate non-profit legal entity, does not have a tax ID number, file its own taxes or control its own money. All of their operations fall under the discretion of the school district. The PTO is now questioning how they can
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