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  1. Tgstaffer

    Water Carnival Ideas

    It's S-F (pronounced S Bar F) scout ranch its a Camp owned by the Greater St. Louis Area Council, the camp I work at is one of only a few patrol method cooking only camps in the country left.
  2. Tgstaffer

    Water Carnival Ideas

    An issue with Water Balloons is we would have to collect all the scraps afterward(quite tedious after a full day) because of leave no trace
  3. Hey there all, This summer I will be the aquatics director for one of the camps in my council, one of the most important events for Aquatics is our Water Carnival (Aquathon, Aqua Carnival, Beach Party). Recently, I've seen the decline in unit participation and wanted to get some ideas for different events we could do to increase our troop and scout involvement. For reference we have an on our property a 300-acre lake, with three camps, each has two speedboats, one pontoon, about 10 Standup Paddle Boards, 25 kayaks, about 30 Canoes, 6-row boats, an inflatable Iceberg, and about five small sailboats, our swimming area is approximately 50x25 with two floating docks in the far corners. The program is held on Wednesday evening from about 530-830 I can get funding approved for almost anything within reason given I go through the proper channels, and don't go to excessive. Thank