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  1. I thought it may be neat to see what other uniform stuff people are finding out there, whether it be at a yardsale, on ebay, or at a thrift store. Here's a Cub Scout shirt jac I saw on ebay. I actually didn't bid, but I was watching it and someone won it at the last minute with a $49 minimum bid. I think it was a boys size 10, I'd love to have one of these in an adult size. I did win these khaki shorts (pics should be below), which I assume are from the 90's era "activity uniform." They are basically identical to the green ODL shorts, but just khaki in color rather than olive. New wi
  2. Thanks David. I will do my best to help out where I can, and if it doesn't work out, I will know it wasn't my fault necessarily.
  3. Yeah, I think the other 4 volunteers all want this to happen at their church, and that's why they're helping in the first place, which is great. I'm sort of the loner, as I don't attend that church and just was "directed" to this pack by the district executive. I kind of wish I could just press rewind and contact a local troop directly and offer to help. That's why I feel stuck...I want to help and I was directed to this pack by the district exec, and it seems the kind of help they need is not necessarily anything I can provide (recruitment, top-down organization and communication, etc)
  4. I was looking for a way to get involved in my local community, and it dawned on me that helping out with the Scouts would be perfect. I was a Cub Scout/Webelos/2nd class Scout when I was younger (didn't stick with Boy Scouts for a variety of reasons), and now I have a greater love for the outdoors, camping, and working with kids. Anyway, scouting seems to be pretty active in my area. Practically every church has signs advertising that "Troop XYZ meets here," although there isn't a troop at the church I attend. I emailed the local district executive and said "Hey, I don't have a scouting ag
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