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  1. CNY Scouter, what you wrote is almost exactly what we have been doing for the last three years.  Folks from the Troop stepped up the get the Pack on it's feet, but very few of the Cub parents were willing to help.  Now Cub parent participation is down to zero and our Troop adults are three years older and feeling used.

  2. Our Troop still has a cadre of active adults, all but two are parents of kids grown and gone.  


    Troop currently has ten Scouts, but five will age out in the next six months.


    Pack Cubmaster recently moved out of state.  I'm currently serving as Pack Committee Chair and Webelos/Arrow of Light Den Leader.  No other adults currently active in the pack.  Membership is 10 cubs.

  3. Hi Folks, I've been a Scoutmaster for 36 years.  Unfortunately my Troop is disappearing.    Our feeder Pack died many years ago.  I help start a new one, but parents refuse to step up into leadership.   So we have two units on the edge.  


    Been trying using all the methods that current Scouting materials provide, but those are not working.  Love to hear from folks facing this issue that are really thinking outside the box, especially if you have found something that works.



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