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  1. My son had full trust in the BSA that the result would end favorably. He so believes in the organization. I am going to follow suit and hope he has a successful appeal.
  2. The event in question occurred at the National Jamboree and BSA National investigated the incident and made the decision to revoke his membership. It was an he said he said situation. There is an appeals process. However once the appeal is submitted the BSA can then decide if they feel it has merit. If so they will review the appeal and return a decision in another 3-6 months. My son is 16 1/2 which is a long time to make a decision that is even if they think the appeal has merit. Yes I am very concerned. Others should be also. As if it could happen to the awesome scout I have it could happen to anyone.
  3. My son was accused of a youth protection violation. And, as a parent I am very dissatisfied with how the initial report was investigated and the lack of transparency to the process that resulted in my son's membership being revoked with little input from the local council which knows him best.
  4. I wanted to know if anyone here has any experience with a youth's membership being revoked due to an alleged youth protection violation. Did you think the assessment was handled fairly. Did you go through an appeal process and what documentation did you provide. Ultimately was the appeal successful?