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  1. Hi,I put in a post about collecting 1/2 N.E.council strips. My email provider disapeared so my apologies to anyone who may have replied and did not hear from me.I also collect the communities that form the Boston/Minuteman council, 1/4,1/2 N.E.state strips and anything from Quannapowitt,Fellsland or Sachem councils and camps.I would love to trade with anyone with the same patch collecting interests.I have strips, O.A.stuff and a pile of B.S.A. patches,pins etc.accumulated over 30 years of collecting.Love to hear from someone. Regards, Bud
  2. Hi to all my scouting brothers! I collect 1/2 New England Council strips. They are shaped in an arc, have all the wording on one line, were worn on the top left shoulder of the scout uniform and were issued usually before the 1970's or so. I am aware of ebay and I have request all over the place and these little babies are hard to find so I thought I would give this forum a try. I would prefer to trade but will purchase to aquire needs for my collection.If you can help or if you might know someone who can help me please email me at Budfarnsworth@netscape.net Thank you very much. WWW Bud.
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