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  1. Thanks again for all the information and recommendations. To answer some of the questions above, the Council Scout Executive (CSE) was involved and was present when the Committee imposed the punishment that they did. A District Executive was also there. I'm still pretty amazed that they didn't do anything. All I can surmise is that the Scoutmaster must have told them a much different story that the others did. Since we've caught him in several lies about what happened already (saying something different than what he said in email, changing his story, etc.), I guess I'm not surprised.
  2. Thank you everyone for listening and for the recommendations and information provided. Yes, unfortunately, this is a very difficult situation. First of all... Yes, we are finding a different Troop. There is another one in town, and we have already reached out to the Scoutmaster there. Based on the number of people commenting and discussing, I feel like I should explain a little more about the whole story. Due to some things going on in the Troop that my son (12 years old) did not view as fair, after completing the clean up of their campsite (weekly Summer Camp) while other mem
  3. Thank you - Yes, I definitely agree that things in the current Troop would probably not be good. My assessment is that the Scoutmaster is liked by some, disliked by others. And I agree that things could get worse. We are working on finding another Troop. My oldest son is also in the Troop (almost done with his Eagle), and he is also refusing to stay in the Troop if the current Scoutmaster remains. He is ready to quit Scouting because of it.... Very sad, because he is extremely active, and he is great with the younger Scouts (many other parents have confirmed this). It is difficult - T
  4. Thank you - Yes, we are looking for another troop. And I completely agree - the physical contact is a huge problem. I understand having to make decisions - If a kid is in danger or something like that, or if my son was threatening to hurt someone else (he wasn't), I totally support doing what is needed to resolve the situation. We've got the council involved. However, the Scoutmaster is also a respected Doctor (a surgeon) in the fairly small town the Troop is in. The Council has deferred to the Troop Committee, and the Committee won't do anything to "Dr. XXXXXX". The physical conta
  5. Hi, I hope I have this in the right forum - I'm new to the site. My son (a 1st Class Scout) recently got into an altercation with our Scoutmaster. Without going into too much detail, my son, who has never had a single disciplinary problem previously, didn't do what he was told - He didn't feel good, so he laid on a table vice going somewhere the Scoutmaster told him to. Because of his "defiance", the Scoutmaster picked him up and threw him over his shoulder and carried him to where he was told to go. My son fought back, hitting the Scoutmaster. I do not condone my son's behavior, but t
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