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  1. Again thanks, I still have not found the location of swamp base. I have reached out to the National Guard as to if we can stay at one of their facility's, they have a camp ground and a MRW type of set up, waiting to hear back. I was looking at the PT boat ride. http://www.pt305.org/ while to pricey on a per person bases (350.00) Has anyone ever called to see about Scout rate or just doing a space available on another ride they are doing? For sure we are doing the USS Kidd, called and it is 22.00 per night per person, and the night we need is open. Any Air boat ride provide
  2. WOW, thanks guys all the reply's are very helpful. I'm on travel for work this week was going to call the museum next week. Could not see anything on an overnight program. USS Kidd sounds great, we did the Lady Lex a few years ago
  3. I found theirsite, but it says location will be updated soon, https://www.bsaswampbase.org/
  4. Asking for some help, troop boys voted for a spring break trip to New Orleans to do the WW2 Museum, air boats and maybe one or two other things. I have never been there, and have been searching the web for camp ground options to keep the price down, do not see any close by, lots of RV camping but they usually do not like tents. Does anyone have any recommendations for camp grounds? I see there are 2 Nat. Guard armory's has anyone seen if they will let scouts camp there? Any other recommendations for Air boats, tours, must see, ect. all would be greatly appreciated. thank
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