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  1. In my previous post I mentioned that I got another clafoutis to spend the night in the ranch house that was a typo I meant to say another stafff member who was my age and of the same gender.
  2. There is so much misinformation in this post from @@buzz59. I was the medic at the camp at the time (and the current medic for the 2017 season) and can point out the inaccuracies (RS): In the hills at our location it can get hot, but it will almost never get above 100 degrees, if it does happen it is not constant for an entire week. At our elevation (6100 feet) the air is extremely dry, we push participants to not only drink water but to drink more than they normally would. We were very successful last year and saw only a few cases of dehydration from stubborn scouts. I trained the staf
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