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  1. Thanks for all the great suggestions and for being reoriented towards what is best for the scout reaching his Eagle. We will take this issue to the parents and the scouts and let them decide how they want their COH. Part of the problem with putting on multiple COH's is that in the past, the troop (i.e. Scoutmaster) did all planning and prep work for an Eagle COH. The way to avoid being overwelmed seems to be to get the parents of the Eagle involved and have them share the planning and arrangements.
  2. Our troop currently has a dilemma. Two scouts completed their Eagle BOR and the committee began planning one COH to award both the scouts their eagle. These two scouts have been friends since they first joined the troop and had their eagle BOR on the same day. (One of the scouts is my son, and I am the Scoutmaster). The troop committee discussed it and felt it was natural to have them both celebrate their awards at the same ceremony. Both have graduated high school and are at colleges that are nearby, so we will have to work the date around their school schedules. The problem is that t
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