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  1. Thank you all for the comments. I've read each and every one a couple of times and tried to envision the outcomes around next steps. @@SSScout, thank you especially for your comments 3, and 4 (training, and remember this is for the Boys). This helps put it into perspective. My next steps are coffee or lunch with the DC, not for how to confront, but how to try and get some guidance or advice applied from the outside. Perhaps an outsider can open some eyes and ears and help close some mouths... I'll give this three months and after school starts see if my Boys want to consider a new
  2. I haven't given details as I'm more looking for a conversation rather than a confrontation. I understand the chartered organization may "own" the unit, however they are clueless about scouting. the Unit commissioner doesn't exist best I can tell. Appreciate the comments. The easy way is to move to another troop.
  3. If a concerned parent or ASM wishes to engage council or district regarding the Chartered Organization Rep and Committee Chair who do they go to ? Our CO Rep and our Committee chair are now the same individual, and there are issues with the individual holding both of these positions. I prefer to not discuss the details however to set the tone of the question: CC-Rep/CC is failing to ensure that National BSA program is being followed within the troop and is resisting change from the adult leaders to follow the BSA program. At times directly opposing leaders that attempt to change th
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