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  1. Sorry for the delay in time. Things have been a bit crazy. During the past week, the district people our cubmaster was trying to get in touch with actually finally called back after 2 months of not communicating with us. Yes I am a registered leader in the pack and we believe we have most everything we need sorted out to keep us in the right direction, which is all I honestly care about. The former leaders are gone and we finally got some information and we have everything rolling now. There was a lot of questions that we had moving from the old to the new program. Still a few but we visited a scout shop in a different council and they were very good about pointing us in the right direction. We still have a few questions that have risen but the district guy that we talk to(not really sure what his title is) has actually made contact with us twice so it seems to be settling out.
  2. Sorry I did come off a bit unclear. I am not certain nor do I care what led to the leadership breakup in our pack. I would like to find out about the whole assistance thing but that's more water under the bridge. Where we are as of today, a little over a month of our current leadership being the leaders, have tripled the size of the pack through just a little work of having our boys talking up what they did last year as a pack, a creative poster hung outside our school. We were told we had more than double the kids sign up at round up than any other pack's school in our area. With this large pack, I just want to retain these boys and keep them interested. What we do need is a reliable contact with someone who can assist us in answering some questions as we are all new to this and just trying to figure things out as we go. We've been told on a few occasions that we would have a sit down with the guy that always comes to us from the council, however that has never happened and we cannot get any answers via phone calls to the council. With this new cub scout program its been slightly confusing to say the least. Is there a way to contact someone directly to BSA that can answer a few questions related to Cub Scouting? There has to be someone you can talk to if the council will not talk to us. Is it possible that the chartering organization may need to get together with them? Part of the problem was the way in which everything was left. The leadership through everything we have except the chartering organization lists things the way they were prior to the split.
  3. We have had a ton of changes lately with our cub scout pack. Almost every leader we had left about a month ago, to go form a new pack because of some questions raised about poor records being kept, mis-truths being told to us as parents, etc. I have a few questions because those of us who are still around just got tossed to the deep end without our water wings. We are having a few issues. This pack has existed since well before I was old enough to be a cub scout. I was a cub scout in it for a few years. We have hit a brick wall it seems in communication. Our chartering organization is completely behind some of the changes that were made. My first question is this former set of scout leaders told the newest Cubmaster that my family and another family were on some sort of assistance. This cubmaster is a friend of ours and was almost embarrassed to ask us about it so she could fill out the proper paperwork to keep it going. The problem with this is, we have not, to our knowledge, ever received any assistance from BSA or anyone. I don't even know how to go about checking this to see who could have possibly signed us up for it and what happened to any money handed out. My family as well as the other family in question have never asked for or received any assistance from them. It makes me question what was happening to any money we ever gave them for activities. Who do we contact to find out about this and if there was any wrongdoing, to have that investigated? My next question is more for our friend who is the cubmaster. They were told in regards to our bank account that if our account were to grow to over $1000.00 that the BSA would take some money from that. Is this true? Is there a resource we need to find out about topics such as this that we seem to be missing? Another question is in regards to communication with our council. The former leader in question of some not so well to do practices is in what seems to be some pretty high regards with our contact people within our council. We are lost on some of these topics and this council will not return any of our phone calls or provide any sort of guidance. We were left right before round up and start up of this scouting year and our council contacts were supposed to have met with us at various points. We cannot get in touch with them or any sort of meaningful conversation with anyone from the council. It was to the point where we had to create our own parent orientation because we were unable to communicate with anyone about what to do with the institution of the new program. How do you contact someone when no one in your council will talk to your pack or your chartering organization? Sorry if this was long or rant-ish, but we need to find out some information sooner, rather than later and we aren't necessarily lost but in our positions, we need to get more than we have gotten. Thank you in advance for any contributions and answers.
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