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  1. Hello everyone, first post. I'm currently ASPL and our troop has some problems I want to fix. Just going to collect ideas then bring them up to the SPL and Scoutmaster. The first problem is swearing. Pretty much everybody in the troop swears, from the young kids to the adults. It is usually better monitored in public but at campsites the language filters seem to turn off. The second problem involves parents on the camping trips. There used to be trips with more parents than scouts, so we restricted to one parent a kid. Some families don't seem to understand this policy and proceed to get mad when we tell them that we have to limit the amount of parents. We have a capable Scoutmaster with assistants, so a ton of parents is not necessary. We also have a kid that simply will not listen to anyone but their parents, and this is a major problem because the scout is always causing trouble. Any suggestions/tips would be appreciated.
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