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  1. I think I'll throw my hat in this as my humble first post. :unsure: I am both a MBC and  A Scoutmaster.  As a counselor I consider it my job to be sure they understand the material. Not quiz them on it at completion and then deny them the badge if they don't know the information. I recently participated in a MBU. I see nothing wrong with them, as long as pre-req's are completed, and there are understandings that some badges will result in partials, even at MBU's. I would also like to say that requiring 20 nights of camping per Rank would be untenable. I don't like to put Scouts in a position of "Scouting Or football" or "Scouting or Band" or Scouting or any other program. I do think sometimes Scouts will have to make personal decisions on finishing Eagle or going some other route in life. Personally, Ive never felt that It's necessary for every Scout to make Eagle to benefit from Scouting. I've had plenty Scouts make it to Life and no further before Joining the Military or going off to college. Its  easy for many people in scouting to insist that ranks become harder and harder all to prevent what many people like to call "paper Eagles". I will say this- Either the requirements are completed or they are not. I would NEVER slight a Scout who attained all the requirements and Passed a BOR by labeling them a "paper Eagle". A scout earns a rank or they do not. If you have "paper Eagles" in your troop, and your a SM or Com Chair, its YOUR fault. I will tell you that I have parents of Scouts who have scouts in the Troop who made Eagle. Not surprisingly, nearly every parent believes one scout or another didn't work as hard as their child or wasn't "Eagle material".  As a SM, I spend a considerable portion my time putting out fires of Jealousy and protest of how one scout or another got something he didn't deserve. Im pretty clear on it-I advise all parents that If Ive personally signed off on a badge or rank that the requirements have been met. MBC's are supposed to be skilled in their respective badges. If a counselor signs a Blue card as completed, I consider it completed. I will ask a Scout about when they completed the pre req's since unlike the rest of the badge, the MBC wasn't present to know it was completed. "Helicopter parents" are something I think we all have plenty of. On the one hand we preach that they need to be more involved, then we have some that are To involved for our liking. I will say, as mad as this may make some people, that I see much of our leadership trying to be Scouts all over again. Scout leadership needs to understand just that-they are no longer Boy Scouts. I see many of them running around more concerned with pining another badge on their uniform than realizing they are there for Scouts. In the end its not what we "want" or what "we think" should happen to make Scouting more like what "we" want. I think this actually leads to them being "more badge requirement oriented" than Scouting PRINCIPLES oriented. Im all about making sure Eagle is worked for, and not devaluing it, but intentionally making it more difficult to" increase its value " esp in midstream for Scouts that started under a different set of rules...makes me wonder if we are doing it more for us, or for the Scouts.  Im having enough problems answering questions , and defending recent decisions that are unmentionable here- from prospective Scouts parents and even defending Scouting on FB from those bashing us as some very crude and disrespectful things. Making it harder to participate wont help us. I simplify it. The rules and requirements are enforced in my troop, I don't care where you complete a MB-at a MBU or at camp or in the troop, just be sure you complete it, and can tell me something you learned from it. Bottom line, while I think there are "helicopter parents" there are also "helicopter leaders". I don't do this-I see  my job as one of providing opportunity for Scouts. Ensuring they follow rules and complete requirements, and providing guidance where needed. Im not a coach to push them to success. I just let them know I can give the what they need for opportunity to make themselves successful. I make myself available to ensure they have every opportunity to complete a MB or a rank, and I'll help them in whatever way I can. But they WILL do it, or it wont be awarded,

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