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  1. Sadly we were informed that this charge cannt be expunged despite being a non felony. There is a list of non-felony charges that arent expungeable and we were told his was one of them unfortunately.
  2. Thanks to all who've commented, much appreciated. He will be considering his options before making a commitment but if he decides to proceed he will most certainly disclose all information, be honest and cooperative. I think part of his hesitation is exposing this sensitive (and dated) detail about his life to our local COR, etc. This isnt known information in our community and living in such a small town, we worry about our and our childrens privacy being kept confidential. Society can be judgmental and we would hate to risk losing anything over something like this. Is this a baseless concern or is application privacy pretty rock solid in terms of confidentiality? Gossip spreads faster than wildfire sometimes....
  3. Our son is in our local Bear pack. Its in a very small town and has only a few children. Their Leader was sort of a last minute substitute and has given notice that she will be leaving very soon, leaving the pack without a leader. My Husband is an active parent within the group. He was recently approached to take over the Den Leaders position ( I think it was Den?). He would like to consider this however he has a blemish in his past. This is where my question comes in. 20 years ago my Husband was convicted of a non-felony charge of endangering the welfare of a child. To me that can look bad however the incident didnt involve anything violent or sexual in nature and didnt involve the use of drugs or alcohol. It was a terrible position my Husband was put in many years ago however he felt compelled to plea to this non-felony charge and be released. He was young, all alone without any family to advocate for him and thought he made the right choice at the time. He regrets all of it now. He has had no other involvement with law enforcement since the incident 20 years ago. Is this just a no-brainer or would the BOA actually consider my Husbands application for this position? I'm trying to weigh his conviction vs. the length of time if occurred, it being a single incident, and being a non-felony conviction. I appreciate the feedback!
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