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  1. Oh and my son earned 9 merit badges at camp.....he spent an entire week in the conservation area, learning and working on badges he DIDN'T need to advance to Eagle......why? Because he wanted to...... And he learned that he wants to focus on Environmental Science and Politics. Merit badges are there to inspire and motivate. Do them if you want....or not......but most importantly......do stuff.....and have fun!

  2. Summer camp is for Scouts to do things. Our camp has a dining hall but Troops can elect to cook patrol method (which we do). Go out and earn a badge or two or three or not. Have fun at archer, shot gun, or rifle.....or not! Sail a boat, paddle a canoe, row a boat....or not. Follow a beatle, see a wood pecker, chase a raccoon....or not. Climb the climbing tower, belay a rope, or rappel down the side....or not! Hike a trail, drink a slushie, fish, throw rocks in a lake, see a sunset....or a sun rise, make a friend, tie a knot, chase a mouse (our Scouts did!) ride on a motor boat, get stuck on a sand bar, do stuff...just don't sit in camp.....because the Scoutmaster or Assistants will kick you out! Oh and by the way.....our camp did not set up a gateway to our camp.....why? Because they chose to do the stuff listed above.

  3. Scout Values are important as our representation of them are passed onto the youth. 1. Do a good turn daily 2. A Scout is Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Kind, Reverent 3. Help other people at all times I think Scouting is pretty clear as to how to work with this Scout and most importantly with his parents. Not including him and sitting outside with him could be a violation of Youth Protection and could be interpreted at a form of Hazing. The OP is taking his frustrations with an adult situation and may be directing them to the youth. Situation 1. Parents are expecting him to pay the way.....I am sure this was not the expectation of the group just a few. The group may have expected the Troop to pay with Troop money not the SM himself. Situation 2. Van/Gas. This is a Chartered Organization situation and Troop Committee Situation, not a youth one. The $100 in gas should be paid with Troop money and built into the price of the event. $100 is a lot of gas as well. That is a lot of distance to be traveling for bowling and a movie. Situation 3. Parent not responding to phone call and emergency contact as well. Again an adult situation and not a youth one. This needs to be taken up with the parents and would not involve Child Protective Services in the least.....this is not an abuse or neglect situation. . This is an interesting issue but remember to deal with it according to Scout values. I do not condone how the OP addressed the problem....no not at all as I was not in the moment or situation. Would they have been the choices I would have made....probably not. Unfortunately the OP has a lot of work ahead of him in his Troop's Committee and Chartered Organization. As a Scoutmaster as well he needs to have a talk with his PLC and help them understand that some activities may be too expensive for all to attend.

  4. LeCastor. We had 3 Scouts in our Troop last year pay for summer camp completely with these cards. I am excited to see them back this year. Yes, popcorn is tough but the quality of corn my council had this year was an improvement despite the dissatisfaction I felt by changing companies. I have a feeling if you live in a larger urban area these cards will be a no brainer as I live in a rural town and they sold well!

  5. This thread has been bothering me. I came from a low income family. They were unable to pay for much but helped when they could. Our Troop did not have Scout accounts but fundraised for the whole group. This allowed for me to participate in most events except high adventure. Why punish a boy for his families problems. A Scout pays his own way.....it does not always mean with cash. Is this Scout fundraising and doing service projects. Did HE choose this activity? Could the plan have been modified? Bowling for less time. Movie at your meeting place? Pizza from the store? I agree that compassion is in order. This Scout does not control his parents. I also do not make six figures but all of these Scouts are my brothers in Scouting and those Scouts that may need assistance can get it one way or another. In regards to the van/gas problem....I think a discussion needs to be had with your charter organization or simply do not use it and require parents to help with transport. Sometimes the world needs a well placed good turn.

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