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  1. Thanks for the insight. Yes, I did read it wrong, I did not realize you only had to complete 12 of the 24 requirements for Bear rank (including one of requirement 1 or 2). Requirement 1 is straight forward enough for us to complete. I guess I need to read forward on Weblos and Boy Scout requirements more closely. My first impression was it gets more religion-centric as we continue, but from the sound of it here there is room and alternatives for those not practicing a specific religion like us. Being in the northeast and chartered out of our public school PTA, I don't expect there w
  2. Hi, I am new to this board, joined today so I could ask for some advice. First some background. I am a leader in our Cub Scout pack and my son is now a Bear. Our family is not religious at all and are not practicing in any particular religion. I was "raised" Lutheran, my wife was raised Catholic and the kids we baptized the same, but otherwise our family has never actively practiced Catholicism or any other organized religion. My wife has a strong faith in God, just doesn't believe in the dogma of organized religion. I considered myself agnostic for a time when I was younger, but have com
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