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  1. Hey UCEagle72, In regard to ScoutNET, the benefit of the iPhone app is that it's portable and always on your phone in your pocket so you can easily checkoff a requirement at a den meeting or wherever you are. As far as the actual BragVest website, the goal was to be simpler and more specific than scoutNET. I found ScoutNET to be overly complex and difficult to use. I wanted to try to solve a simple problem of tracking requirements for parents and leaders instead of trying to do everything. Not to mention, the BragVest website is free. Thoughts?
  2. Hello, I'm a committee chair in my local pack, and also a software developer. I've been trying to combine my two passions -- scouting and software. So I did two things: 1) I created BragVest (an iPhone app) to track a cub scout's progress through ranks. In the iPhone appstore, there is a free version and a pay version (that adds multiple scout support and soon will have electives support). 2) For those that don't have iPhones (like most of my pack) I created a free website to help track advancements at www.bragvest.com with a focus on simplicity and ease of use. I'd love to hear fee
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