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  1. Thank you, all! I appreciate the good advice. We have taken some of the steps, and our church is the Charter organization - our Minister is leading the effort. I was put in charge of organizing signup and wanted to make sure that I had the proper forms and information on hand for that first gathering. This is a wonderful forum with very knowledgeable and caring Scouters! Thank you again.
  2. Hueymungus, scoutergipper - Thanks! Appreciate the good info. So for our first get-together, or kickoff, I should have Youth Applications and Adult Applications on hand (I found those forms), a calendar of our planned events (we have proposed one for 6 months out), and something interesting or colorful for the kids & adults to gravitate to. Question: since this is a new Cub pack with no history yet, could the colorful items be drawn from the activities of our Boy Scout troop? It has existed for about four years. I have lots of photos of our Boy Scouts doing fun stuff, and we coul
  3. I've read lots of "step-by-step" lists for starting a Cub pack, but they all seem to refer to "registration" as if it's self-evident - but it isn't to me! I've looked on the Council website, but haven't seen a good outline for how to sign up cubs and parents and leaders - meaning what specific forms are needed, where to get them, and how to file them. We are having our Kickoff at a cookout at church soon, and want to sign up as many boys and parents that night as possible. So I want to have the appropriate forms on hand and know that we've completed them all and what to do with them.
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