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    I am a current Senior Patrol Leader, a former ASPL, Scribe, and PL. I have NYLT Training. After my term as SPL is over, I hope to become a JASM and then an ASM.

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  1. Scouter205

    JASM in a SM Conference?

    In our troop ASMs and the SM do them as a team so I was confused lol. Would you say that the JASM is an ASM in training?
  2. Hi, I was just wondering whether a JASM should be allowed to sit in on a SMC, either as an observer or as one of the people actually giving the SMC. Let me be clear, I am currently a Senior Patrol Leader who will become a JASM at the end of my term. I have read some forums about the position and notice that the perception of the position is not what I am (I mean how some people think of it as a position that doesn't do anything and is a place where Eagle Scouts go to die, which will not be me). I will continue to be active and plan on becoming an ASM when I turn 18. Since I plan on becoming an ASM, should I maybe be taught how to be one while I am a JASM, including SM Conferences. If not, then how could I become an effective JASM? I appreciate any response.