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  1. Our COR raised an issue and claimed we could be in big trouble with the council. (We are self-chartered, but that's another issue which we are addressing) Here's the background: Once a year (for the past 20+ years) we hold a recruitment campout, sort of a mini-camporee, and invite the two cub scout packs that are nearest to us. It is a Friday-Sunday event, family camping, with the intention of introducing the cubs and their parents to our troop. We rent the facitlity, rent port-a-potties and washing stations, provide some food, and have several stations the cubs rotate through such as
  2. Yep. Definitely a mess. I'm kind of disappointed that the council didn't educate us on how to do it properly as opposed to just chartering us back when we did all this.
  3. scoutergipper: That's encouraging, but I just spoke to somebody else who said that since a certain individual's name is on the charter paperwork as the Executive Officer that I am out of luck, that he does own the troop number and assets. I guess my next step is to contact the council and get their take on it. Unfortunately our council is sort of in shambles right now with no executive and one brand new DE to cover 4 districts.
  4. Fred: I agree it would be better to have "real" charter organization, and I may try to persuade others to find one. The fears we had was our troop has substantial assets and we worried about an organization seeing a golden opportunity to become the "owner" of those assets.
  5. Ok. Here's the background. Our troop has been around over 50 years. We were chartered to a civic organization until they went defunct in 2011. They were an "invisible" CO, meaning they had no invovlement with the troop. When we, the parents/troop committee/leaders, discussed what to do we agreed to be self-chartered. The outgoing SM was selected to fill the role of IH and COR. Now some problems are beginning to occur and I have discovered we never formed any formal or legal entity to be the CO. Our charter is held as "Parents of Troop XXX", but there is no legal status. I assume we n
  6. I am looking for any info on how other self-chartered (Parents of/Friends of...) units are structured and operate. I've been searching and searching, and, although there appear to be many self-chartered units, I can't seem to find any information. Specifically, who constitutes the Charter Organization and who is considered the "head" of the CO? How is the Chartered Organization Rep chosen and who does he/she answer to? Where does the troop committee fit in?
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