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  1. Hello, I'm a 'young' scout, by young I mean 13, I don't know what to cook at a camp in may, I will only have access to a small solid fuel stove, I will also have a mess kit, so I'll have access to most utensils etc. I want to make something creative, my friends are working together to make an all day fry up, I kinda wanna make something better than that, preferably only using ingredients that have no need to be refrigerated as I think we might have access to a fridge but just in case. I think I'll bring a pot noodle as a last resort just in case, by the way, we're making dinner on the first night and breakfast in the morning, but I'm having pancakes in the morning (from a bottle). I don't want to make beans though! I was thinking maybe pasta or a one pot meal.
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