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  1. Well Folks: I'm not sure how to describe this summer camp in southern Colorado. One week of San Isabel is one week too long! The staff usually would not cooperate to make the program work. My staff was intertwined with theirs for one week because we could not use our own camp (forest closure). We tried our hardest to make the program work alongside theirs. Oh...and let me tell you something about "open scheduling"--it doesn't work! The boys are cheated because they aren't able to experience a true camp program. Most of the counselors "pencil whip" the kids in sessions because they don't want to take the time to actually teach a requirement. Oh yeah....did I mention the major health violation? The latrines were foul and unsanitary the entire week. They were not pumped out on a regular basis and the ammonia smell from the waste was so strong your eyes would burn a matter of seconds after entering the blasted smelly latrine! Our staff was also slandered throughout the week. My counselor for university badges was labeled a racist and overbearing when the truth is, he was enthusiastic and San Isabel's remarks held no weight or bearing to them. Most troops were rather disgusted with the situation and I guess we must have done something right.....some of those same troops are now looking into literature on our camps.
  2. brockdaddy

    Camp Wehinahpay Disrespects Texans

    Well Folks: They've done it! My staff was transferred to Camp Wehinahpay due to forest closures. Out of respect for the Texas troops, we chose to fly BOTH the New Mexico and Texas flags which created an upheaval extremely unbelievable! The camp director forced the Texas flag down and persuaded his executive to go along with it.