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    Camp Minsi is located on the shores of Lake Stillwater in the Pocono Mountains.
    Operated by Minsi Trails Council, the camp has been serving Scouts for more than 60 years.
    Connect with us online at www.facebook.com/campminsi.
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    Sad news...OldGreyEagle has passed away

    The entire Camp Minsi family shares your sadness; the world lost a dedicated Scouter and a great friend this week. John Arno (known to some Scouts as trapper Pierre DuMonde from Saskatoon, Seskatchewan) will always hold a special place among the staff, leaders, and Scouts who attended Camp Minsi over the years. John was a true part of the Minsi family and will be missed. As John often said: Camp Minsi is where he lived... the other 51 weeks he was in exile. "May the Great Master of all Scouts keep our hearts and minds until we meet again." ~ Camp Minsi Facebook Tribute to John Arno[/url=https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151552393557915&set=a.356722927914.188601.10550032914&type=1] ~