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  1. For those who can't wrap their head around my profile pic, Google "krampus" and read about the historical tradition of the character...and get over yourself. ;)

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    2. Krampus


      What you don't know about this subject could fill a book. Krampus is not even close to being the Devil of biblical fame. He's more akin to a woodland gnome or sprite. Unless you speak Geramn, these translations you are reading are done by know-nothing people who are getting the information second- or third-hand.


      When you start railing against the inclusion of gays and their agenda being put in front of our youth and disguised as eqaulity, then your misplaced criticism might find my ear drums. Right now your comments are simply ill-informed clatter bordering on cultural harassment. You say we are faith-friendly and you want your kids to see good examples of people of faith, then maybe you should 1) Speak out more about the poor examples against faith that is prevalent on this forum, 2) Speak out against the inclusion of the homosexual agenda in Scouting (which I notice you keep failing to even address), and 3) Actually find someone who knows something about Krampus and his origin to learn that he's anything but the "Devil" of biblical legend.


      It's actually funny that with all the crap spouted on this forum you pick a simple picture to get your knickers in a knot about. Says a great deal.

    3. fred johnson

      fred johnson

      The most critical aspect of scouting is character. How we present ourselves is critical to the development of our scouts. That's why we wear uniforms. Say the pledge. Our image is important.


      An image on this forum doesn't really matter beyond being cute or baiting an argument. Have what you want. Be self-indulgent thinking you know more than others too. Fine.


      As for the "other topics", there is no homosexual agenda being introduced into scouting. That's why I don't rail against it. BSA blew it 16 years ago with BSA v. Dale. BSA chose a hard line confrontational position that was different than the evolving direction in the country and also different than the values of many of their charter organizations. IMHO, BSA has it right now. BSA provides the program and the charter orgs select the leaders reflecting the values of their charter org.


      As for me and mine, I am Catholic and love my faith and the teachings of my church. I want my sons to learn from leaders reflecting similar beliefs. My sons leaders don't have to be Catholic, but their example should not contradict my faith. But that's my choice. I am comfortable finding a scouting unit that has leaders reflecting the beliefs of my family.


    4. Krampus


      Fred, my last words on this subject:


      1) I'm not pretending to know more about this topic (the origins of Krampus) than you do. It's a fact which you have illustrated by your lack of understanding and knowledge on the subject. I am merely pointing out the obvious.


      2) You seem to be the only one upset by the icon. It is what it is -- a cultural representation of a woodland spirit that partners with a Catholic Saint.


      3) If you don't think homosexuality is being re-introduced in to scouting then I cannot help you. The past three years of policy changes prove this is true. Prior to that the topic of gays in scouting was a non-issue. Now, thanks to the left lobby, I have 11 year olds asking me about it.


      4) I am Catholic. There's nothing in that faith that runs afoul of my pic or the story behind it. In fact, if you knew ANYTHING about Krampus, you'd have read that many churches sanction the Niklaus parades and participate in them. Most clubs are formed in churches and have priests as participants. In Tirol it is PART OFTHE CHURCH. So much of the church's alledged disdain of the character.


      'Nuff said. I am done.

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