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  1. Good point. I'll have to discuss with the leaders.
  2. Actually I am not getting replies to this post very well in my email, and I don't seem to get notification when someone replies... so best bet is to visit our site at www.etna141.com and send an email from there.
  3. I just finished modifying a WordPress template for use as a Cub Scout WordPress theme. Check out our site at http://www.etna141.com and see what you think. It is a modified version of "Desk Mess" from "Geek with a Laptop". I looked and looked for a good free theme and couldn't find one. So I spent some time making this work just right. So I would be glad to share this one with you if you want to use it for your site. Just post a reply to this message. I added a calendar widget, and I just linked to a Flickr group for the photos, so everyone can add their own to our group.
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