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  1. I love the idea and the tradition of sharing ashes. Does anyone have any ideas on how to make the ashes special? How to decorate film canisters or does everyone just use baggies for the ashes? When you bring ashes to a campfire, do you also bring sheets of where the ashes have been for the group or do you just rely on people emailing you lists? Just curious? I have been involved w/scouting for 4 years how and BALOO training this past month is the first time the tradition of the ashes ever came up! I'm wondering what other traditions I'm missing? Traditions I think makes the Scouting exp
  2. I read this post w/much interest. I just came back from BALOO training and learned about this tradition. One of the individuals who went to the 75th reunion at Brown Sea brought back ashes from that camp fire that also included ashes from the first Braden Powell Campfires. You can only get ashes with this rich history from attending a fire ceremony in which ashes are presented. Individuals who have not attended the fire sould not carry the ashes. My question is does anyone have a good idea on what to do with the ashes??? I've got film canisters. Do I put a handle on them, dedorate
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