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  1. I have researched all that I could and have listened to many points of view, but I feel that the best advice I have received is to combine what I have learned. The Tote'n Chip patch can be placed on the right pocket of the class "A" just like any other temporary patch. Since it hasn't got a date on it, it may be removed at the discretion of the wearer or if the council takes objection to it. Sometimes it is just easier to ask for for
  2. This patch is white with black trim and has an axe and log on it in color. I have seen where there is differences of opinions on whether this patch can be worn or not.
  3. My son got a Tote'n Chip patch at summer camp and he was told that he could put this under his right pocket on his class "A". Because the only way that he could get this patch was to show his card he was told that this acts like his card when he is wearing his class "A". I can't find anything about wearing this patch on the class "A". Can anyone give me some information?
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