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  1. "Personally, I've got a drawer full of those patches and don't wear them myself nor would I give them to my boys. Just seems a little tacky to me. " I think the Scout's only motivation behind wanting to wear it is that he thinks the image and colors on it look cool. I agree with him - it is a handsome patch. I finally got a hold of District and they said exactly what Trevoum said - Any registered member of the Council can wear it. I'm going to tell him to go ahead and wear it if he wants to. ScoutNut - What did you base your answer on?
  2. I have no plans on taking anything from anyone. The scout asked if he could place it on his uniform and I was unsure of whether it is permissible. I couldn't find anything in the insignia guide that directly spoke to it. The family wrote a check for the contribution. I have no way of knowing exactly where the money in their checking account comes from. For all I know the kid's grass cutting money goes into the account. Money in a family checking account is somewhat fungible. The only thing I can find in the Insignia Guide is: Council Shoulder Emblems A custom-designed multico
  3. Any BSA literature I can point the parents to so they can confirm that is the "official" policy?
  4. I assume this would be a council strip, right? YES And that it's presented to a donor for a certain level of financial support? YES If the Scout was presented the patch for making such a contribution, I see no reason why not. The scout's family made the contribution - it wasn't specifically the scout himself (a check was written).
  5. Can scouts wear FOS Council patches on their left sleeve, or are they restricted to leaders only?
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