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  1. Basementdweller hit the nail on the head, the point that we paid good money and regardless of a few people getting sick one of which was me, I would not give expired food even one day past its expiration to my worst enemy because manufactures put those labels on food products for a reason. Thanks for all the help in helping me deside that I should write a letter to the SW Council.
  2. Sorry I did not jump in a little sooner on this. The Philmont Food that was out of date was purchased by another BSA Council - Gorham Scout Ranch just south of Philmont. I would like to think that when they purchased the food, that it was not expired but I do not know that. We were given Breakfast, Lunch and Dinners for a 4 day Trek. We had food that was expired as much as 3 years old, everything that had an expiration date was expired. Keep in mind that this food is stored in a storage building with no climate controle. We paid good money for a Trek and I would have expected food that w
  3. I was one of the adults that got sick and I always wash my hands after pooping, the culprit seems to be canned chicken and tuna that expired in 08 and 09 along with some stale crackers, everything else that did not have an expiration date was perfect.
  4. I took a group of boys on a High Adventure Trip to Chimayo Scout Camp which is now Gorham Scout Camp recently and we were issued Philmont Food for our Trek. We did not notice until a few of us got sick on the trip that some of the food had expired in 2008, 2009 and 2010. We then avoided those products and ate what food did not have expiration dates but almost ran out of food for the 4 day Trek. When arriving back at camp we were told that BSA instructed them not to throw food out until it became over 3 years expired. We had stale crackers, canned tuna and canned chicken that made people sick
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