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  1. I have a total of 22 boys, 10 in one den and 12 in the other. They had absolutely NO volunteers, and I was not planning on volunteering myself until I found this out.

    I do believe HEAVILY in training, I am a firefighter and have been in the service for 11 yrs now so I guess it is just in my blood lol.

    I am fixing to walk out the door now headed to my first meeting!! :o)

    Hopefully the boys will not tye me up and beat me or anything.

    I will keep you all posted and thanks greatly for the help!!

  2. Ok, this is probably going to be a little long so I apologize now. I am a brand new den leader for not 1 but 2 bear dens and need some help. I have no resources yet, I have ordered some books from the scoutstuff.org though and hopefully they will be in soon.

    I kind of fell into this position, I do not regret it but I was not planning it. It was either I volunteer for it or there would not be a bear den.

    I have completed the fast start online training and am going this weekend for my specific training. I need to know what else I have to do training wise befor I can take my boys on day trips. I understand the rules on how many leaders on need on outings and all but I need to know exactly what training I need and how to get it.

    Also, what do I have to do to be able to take the boys and families camping, just for a over nighter on the weekend from time to time. Is this even possible? I know these are all questions that need to be adressed locally but I am afraid that my CM is also new and seems to be to busy to answer my questions or have the resources that I need.

    Our first den meeting is tomorrow night, I believe that I am planned for it, at least I pray that I am!!

    There are several great day trips available to us but the dates are all fast approaching, most being middle of October and beginning of November, after that I will not have many oppurtunities until around Feb.

    I want to keep these boys and their families interested and motivated, after all, adventure is the main reason that they joined. I have not been involved in the scouts since I myself was a scout and that has been quite some time.

    All help is greatly appreciated!!


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