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  1. I'm old school also but I didn't get to be a boy scout. I was a cadet at Norwich Univerity. Some of the comments in the "design a uniform" tread might shead some light. The Current uniforms for both Boy scout and Cubs are not design for the outdoors and are costly. Most kids have one shirt, one hat and one scarf. Mom has carefully sewen on the patches. Badges and pins are carefully applied. There is a lot of time, effort and money in that shirt. Having more then one is a luxury for many families. As a Leader I agree that we need to lead the way. Begin a father of two I have a budget s
  2. The reasons boys do not wear the uniforms on activities outside of meeting is two fold in my mind. 1 - It is costly, Shirt get up to 30 or more one the pacthc and sudh are added.. 2 Some of it's basic componets provide little field value. Think about it. How many leaders could do a campout wearing only the basic issue of gear (standard shirt, standard pants, standard ball cap, and red jacket). I know we can wear the felt hats but think of the boys. In the north west you be cold and wet most of the year with these standard items. If we are trying to designe a new uniform consider t
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