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  1. are these thingys supposed to cotton inside thbottom part? well like i said i got this thing at a garage sale, i know it works b/c i did it once and it worked, but now i cant get it to light. i noticed that mine doesnt have a wick either like shown in all the pix. but it does have a butt-load of cotton in the fuel container. im really a rookie on these things and i dont know what im doing so if someone could help me out that would be great, thnx
  2. well i sorta know how to light this thing but every time i put the cap/cover thingy with the holes, the thing stops working. I know there isnt supposed to be any flame but it just goes out. HELP!
  3. i dont know how to light this jon-e handwarmer. i got it at a garage sale and it didnt come with instructions. HELP!
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