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  1. Give the National Capitol Area Council a call. They have several different styles for sale, including a Pentagon patch. Below is a link to their patch page. http://www.boyscouts-ncac.org/ncac/shopping/index.html#patches TIM
  2. Well folks, I just returned from NCS COPE Director School at Camp Bob Hardin in Saluda, NC. This was the best BSA training experience for me so far--hands down. We packed a TON of great information into a week. Days started at 0630 and ended about 10:30 PM. After a solid week of that, I am beat. Add in that from the time I left home on the 16th, until I was half way back home on the 23rd, it stopped raining for about 12 hours total. I was part of the first class to graduate in Aquadics COPE. However, the staff made it all bearable and worthwhile. They came from a wide range of ages and
  3. DS, Actually, the course staff already thought of that! They recently sent a letter teling us to all bring a folding chair or camp chair. I went to Wal-Mart and bought one of those fold open chairs with arm rests and a cup holder. hehe. I'm set to sit in style! Tim
  4. "The best program course I ever took was National Camp School for C.O.P.E. Directors. I was sore as all get-out when it was done, but I felt fully comfortable with being a C.O.P.E. Director. " You really didn't have to tell me that. I'm going to director school on the 17th. hehehe. Tim(This message has been edited by tcarter)
  5. OK people. Now is the time to get your brains in gear! Next week, I will begin packing for COPE Director School at Camp Bob Hardin in NC (5/17-23). Now, I know what the camp says to pack. Uniforms, soap on a rope, blah, blah, blah. But, for those who have been to a National Camp School, what should I pack that they don't list. Surely there are some of you who have a few secrets to make you life easier while there. Thanks, Tim
  6. Thanks RMV! Let me ask this. Are meals the only time I will need one? Meaning, being in COPE school and on the COPE course all day everyday, will I need it any other times than meals? And, does it matter if we wear long pants or shorts? I prefer long pants (to me it just looks better). I am looking forward to the trip though. Tim
  7. Yocona Council Camp Yocona, just east of Tupelo, MS
  8. I have a few quick questions. A friend and I will be attending COPE Director School at Camp Bob Hardin in Saluda, NC next month. I received my information packet the other day and have a question about uniform requirements. It says that everyone must have at least two complete field uniforms. I also serve as a unit commissioner and have ONE uniform for that. My friend is only involved with COPE. BSA does not have a uniform for COPE. For obvious reasons, the standard BSA uniform is not used at COPE by staff or participants. We mainly wear BDU pants and Staff t-shirts. Here are
  9. I plan on attending the next Powderhorn Training my council is going to hold this fall. Our course includes eight Ranger Core Requirements of: Communication Conservation Project Development Cooking Emergency Preparedness First Aid Land Navigation Leave No Trave Wilderness Survival I'm still trying to narrow it down to out which 10 electives I want! Life is full of choices... Tim
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