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  1. My son has redwing and loves them. Check your phonebook for discount shoe stores. I live in central Ky, and we have a store that gets namebrand shoes and sells them at fraction of suggested retail price. Redwings like my son's that sell at $100 or more can be found in this little store for 50-70 if I remember right. I got my own Timberland boots there. They had an old sticker on them for $99, but I think I payed around $25 for them. It's worth checkin' into. Lucky for me this store is so close I can walk to it!
  2. go to http://streamwood.net/ Look on the left hand menu, scroll it down about halfway, looking for Spoofs/Neat Stuff. Under that look for Patrol Patches. You'll find Old Goat, Old Fart, various dinosaurs and other funny patrols. For other fun stuff look at other spoof items, you'll get a laugh and possibly be inspired to award certain people with patches more appropriate to their true selves! Its a great site, not too pricey either!
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