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  1. jbroganjr Could you share your presentation? I'm a new BSRT Comm. and really need new ideas. Some of our dist folks have been Scouters for 30+ years. There is some new blood but we have been trained by the more experienced Scouters and have been indoctrinated with their thoughts and ideas. Thanks Steve
  2. Chicago Area Council wants to close and sell Hoover Educational Center and Owassipie! But before they do they will close it to all but CAC member units. Just this summer (my first) out camp director was from OK, and have been coming all the way up here for years, so I guess I have seen them for the last time. Please check out http://scarlet_sassafras.tripod.com for more details as they are too numerous to re-post here. If you have ever been there you know the 90+ years of tradition that may soon be lost if Owassipie is closed. There is a meeting with vote on Oct 16. If you wish to act p
  3. eisely Perhaps I wasn't clear in my post, sorry. The award is for a leader, not a boy. I mentioned the relationship only to enforce the idea that I know this person is qualified for the awards, and now my head is pulled out of the preverbial "dark place" I would like to see him get them. It seems that I have to go back to our old pack and have them submit his name.
  4. Ed, thanks for the reply. I'll get in contact with the Cub Master and see if we can get this done.
  5. Hi, My question is about giving awards well after they have been earned. When my son crossed over he decided that he wanted to be in a different troop than the one his pack was afilliated with. He and his best friend moved to the same troop. The boys father was the Webelos Den leader in the old pack. In fact he and I had been the leaders since both boys started in Tiger Cubs. He was the leader and I was the assistant. Our old pack was not active on the district level and I didn't know any better about the awards. Now that I do I would like to see him get the Tiger and Webelos knots as
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