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  1. You people are great. I was getting concerned for a minute but I guess we're doing alright. I got the idea that the new scout patrol was the standard not an option. Should the new scouts have the option of selecting which patrol they are in ??? Again , many thanks
  2. When my sons Webelos group moved to boyscouts the group was split up so that each patrol was half older scouts and half new scouts. The older scouts took all the leadeship positions and became the "bosses" of the younger scouts. Is this normal???
  3. You'alls response has been terrific. I thought I would wait for days to hear from anyone. Execellent job to everyone for their help. What I learned that I didn't know: 1. When my son in went into scouts from webelos, his group was divided up and split among the older scouts. As such the younger scouts became "second class citizens" in each patrol. They did not select their patrols and friends were divided "evenly" between the older scouts. 2. There was no discussion or awareness of any "2 year" rule. The new scouts are being "assigned" to tent with someone. 3. The olde
  4. ScoutNut Good point. Whenever a second child is involved we have always followed that guideline. My son just passed Tenderfoot. We have a very good participation rate from the dads so thereare always enough tents.
  5. Yes, I am the troop Chaplin and committee member. My son is 11 and I think we both like to sleep in the same tent.. He participates in all activities with his patrol. We always take time in the tent at night to talk about the days activities. We pray, call Mom, review the day and prepare for tomorrow. I AM NOT CRITICIZING BUT most Dads seem thrilled to get away from their sons. I may feel the same way when he's 16! Is there anyone along this way who has stayed with his sons (in the tent)?? Thanks again for the great responses Bill
  6. Are there any rules or guidelines about when dads came share the same tent with their sons? Is there a recommendation either way?? Should scouts be discourage from camping togehter with their dads?
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