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  1. I take strong exception to Yarrows comment assuming that a young Eagle Scout probably has a pushy parent. I was a thirteen year old Eagle and I earned it. I am in my forties now and hold my eagle metal more important than my college degree. Instead of tearing this Scout down, may be you should go meet him, he just may be president some day. When you obtain the rank of eagle, much will be expected of you from that point on and you had better be prepared! Rank is very easy to earn and it has not changed very much since the 60s. It has more to do with the size of the troop and the level
  2. Here is a story that will send chills up your back if you are a scoutmaster. The noisy 4% held a scoutmaster responsible for the behavior of the boys. The troop was young, had no older boys to help lead the boys, the parents rarely showed for meetings, and the Scoutmaster was left with most of the work. One unhappy mother felt that the scoutmaster was wrong in pursuing the concept of a boy run troop using the patrol method. She was a Girl Scout and felt her son was not able to pack his own backpack, make a menu or food list, or call his patrol to find out who was going on the next
  3. At what point should boys be removed from the troop because they do not behave or when the parents start unsubstantiated rumors designed to undermine the current leaders?
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