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  1. The view from the UK: Our group has increased 24% in the past year and by over 600% in the past 10 years to nearly 200. Part of this I think is down to the high profile we have in our local town: our HQ is right in the centre with big signs on the main carpark which it backs on to. We appear in the local paper almost every week and take part in local events such as carnival, remembrance day parade, fetes in the park etc. The other thing is word of mouth: probably 15% of my troop come in direct from outside, usually after hearing about it from friends at school. And they stay. So we must be doing the right sort of programme, everything from bivvy camps to water zorbing, cooking competitions to raft building. We have a flourishing link with a group in Portugal and are off over there for our summer camp for the third time. Bear Ghrylls does give scouting a high profile in the media but I reckon our success is down to the hard graft at the workface!!