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  1. I want to thank Capt. Stone for addressing my concerns and for starting a dialogue with me personally. If you want to know more about this society I urge you to chat with Capt. Stone. so that you may have an informed opinion and know the aims and purposes of SOD.
  2. I know about those two councils. That was a decision made by those councils and I respect their decision.
  3. Yes I know that Captain Stone is a member of the Scouting Order of Druids and I am not trying to incite a fight between the OA and SOD. What I was commenting on was the impression that they left on me this weekend and the impression they left on several others, both inside and outside the OA. I think the best thing for them to promote their cause and not appear to be elitist or secretive is to produce some flyers and have a Q & A website. Like I said I am willing to have my mind changed, but the SOD needs to take some proactive steps in promoting their mission and purpose.
  4. I had some interaction with these folks this past weekend. Their intentions are good but they suffer from elitists syndrome. Most of the members are normal everyday people who only want to give service to the district(s) they serve. There are a few of the members that seem to think that since they are Druids they rest of us are low life bottom feeders (ran into a couple of situations this past weekend to validate that point). Several of them have a distain for the Order of the Arrow. At the moment, I think the overall impression they are giving off makes them look bad, and I know that is
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