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  1. It's been awhile, I thought I would update everyone on the situation. Come to find out (per last message) that the lady identified as COR-A actually was the IH that was supposed to be signing the charter, it's being looked into as to who is signing what these days. The interesting threesome CM, CC, & COR-B pretty much ripped me up in front of the pack. Asked the myself, my wife, and my bear-cub not to return. Then they spent a lot of time on the telephone trying to encourage the only other pack in town not to accept us either. Anyway the CO has sent a letter to the council
  2. I agree on promoting the religious emblems. The sticky part about that is it that I have to do it outside of any den meeting. The CM's son is one of the Webelos, is always at the mega-den meetings, but only participates with the rest of the Webelos about half the time. They are preventing meetings, threating to remove me as den leader if I don't stay with their mega-den meeting program. At this point in time I'm afraid that the out-of-control committee is indeed preventing me from running the den in typical cub scout fashion. I taught Wolves last year. They all received their religious
  3. chartered to a church Points of contention I'm not really sure about Vicious mess: see below Role: Webelos Leader In what way: A parent and I have both been told that they (the cubmaster & committee) make their own rules and they don't really care what's in the book. This was also said in front of the COR Mess: One Den's too big with no thought of separating Paperwork is not turned in for all members that way their charter isn't as expensive No 2 deep leadership for ANY of the dens Parents have been told they don't need any more leaders/help Pare
  4. I wish it was as that simple as more training. The rep who is supposed to be interfacing with the CO is actually hostile to the CO. It's more like the inner circle kind of thing. It ends up that the CO isn't represented in the committee nor are they particularly welcome. It's truly a shame. Religious awards are discouraged, etc. I personally don't see a way out of it without replacing them, but they are already operating without 2 deep leadership.
  5. How does one stop a pack committee that throws out the book and has only unwritten rules that can change at the speed of thought? CO is concerned, me too. CO also doesn't want to destroy the pack. It would like to see committee follow the leader guide, but how does it do that without removing all of the committee members if they don't want to change?
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