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  1. Does anyone know whether or not the "old" Scoutmastership Fundamentals and Boy Scout Leader training courses are grandfathered when it comes to the current required training for Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters? I am led to believe that it is not and current leaders who took those courses MUST take This Is Scouting, Scoutmaster Specifics, and IOLS. I have either missed where this is a requirement or misunderstood what I have read. Thanks.
  2. Again, thanks for all input. Hopefully, this will be my last post on this issue. The bottom line: this Cubmaster's statement has been the basis under which the Pack has been operating regards camping for some time. It did not matter what was in the Guide to Safe Scouting. My mistake may have been posting the question in a forum rather than address it with the DE who could have contacted the Cubmaster and chatted with him. Enough.
  3. My thanks to everyone for their input. This happens to be the first time I have used a Forum for a question. The DE replied to my e-mail early this morning with "Where did this kind of statement come from?". Of course, everyone who posted is correct (even me). I haven't uncovered the reason for the original statement from the Pack but it could be confusion between Pack campouts and Webelos campouts OR someone wanting to make things easier by minimizing campouts. I don't know and it is of no relevance. All appropriate pack people have been diplomatically informed of the policy. Good Scouting!
  4. Thanks for everyone's great input. LisaBob referred to this statement coming from the troop's person. I just want to clarify that it came from the Pack's people. I am the Scoutmaster of the troop and completely baffled. I was also told that this was a council rule as council can make rules more stringent than National (I realize that). I passed the question on to our DE in an e-mail this evening.
  5. I was told yesterday by our brother pack's cubmaster that a Webelos den can only go camping with a troop one time and for the express purpose of fulfilling the requirement to participate with a troop. I cannot find this in any of my online research today. Can someone validate/clarify/point me in the direction of the source? Thanks.
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