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  1. The VFW Meeting later this evening, update on that soon..however I received the roster in the mail today from the district. It shows the pastor at our CO as "Chartered Organization Rep" and "Committee Chairman" The other 2 committee members are: 1. a parent of a 3rd grader who was to be den leader for a Bear/Wolf den. He never responded to my calls to get it off the ground. Never did anything, not involved at this time in any way. 2. a parent of a Tiger Cub in our den, I have know her near all my life an am confident she has no idea she has been listed in this role. I
  2. Thank you all for taking the time to help me...your advice and wisdom is priceless, I feel so much better about this situation than I did just a few days ago. I guess I never really looked in the Scout hierarchy to see the DE's true roll, I took him to be in charge of our pack and kinda "the boss" of things...I see that's not quite true although I am far from really understanding it all. Digging into our charter at this point just sound like I am opening another can of worms...for now I think I am gonna have to put that on the back burner, but I very much appreciate the input and in
  3. Thanks for the reply...here are a few more details Q: "who is your Charter Organization?" A: A local church, the pastor seems to be genuinely interested in helping although there has been no real involvement, the DE took us to meet him, I have kept him informed of the AA issues...I think he just has plenty of things already on his plate. I don't think they have been involved with the scouts in the past. The prior CO was the VFW, but the DE felt it was not a good environment for the kids, and I have to agree...a bar is not a place for kids, and in this small town that is the primary role
  4. Hello, I am new to being a scout leader...but trying to learn. I have completed the online courses, read the entire leader handbook and attend a University of Scouting. However, I am finding this job much more challenging than I ever expected. My problem is gonna take a bit of explaining. I live in a small town with a population 5,000. The scouts have not had a troop or pack in our town for the past couple years. I attended a meeting at the local school held by the district executive when my first grader brought home a flyer about scouting and was excited to be a scout. When it came time
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